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Please reply to our email to guarantee your reservation.
If your reply is not received within 7 days (or a day before your reservation if made with less than 7 days), your reservation may be considered to be cancelled.
Please email or call us if you do not receive an email from us confirming your reservation within 3 business days.

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Princess Plan JPY15,290
Premium Plan JPY22,990
Samurai Plan JPY14,190
Couple Plan JPY26,290
Photo Wedding Plan JPY42,790
Family Plan  JPY28,490
Special Kimono Experience Plan JPY7,480
Special Kimono Experience Plan for kids JPY7,480
Outdoors Plans
Tour Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine dressed in our special Kimono JPY16,390
Kimono Rental Plan SPECIAL
Yukata Rental Plan[Summer period] JPY8,800
Number of guests required 1 person
2 persons
If more than 2, please indicate in comment box. We will adjust the time schedule.
Other Selected Options required
You could add options except Hair-setting and Make-up during your session. Only for professional Hair-setting and Make-up, please reserve in advance.
Data: Additional digital images JPY1,100
Data: All images from your sitting JPY5,500
Additional Prints JPY1,100
Hair setting and Make up JPY7,150
Kimono Selections: Basic Selection No additional charge
Kimono Selections: Luxury Selection JPY3,300
1 additional change of outer kimono JPY5,500
With Obi belt JPY5,500
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Please reconfirm your reservation date and time. Arriving later than your appointment may leave less time for your sitting.
Please anticipate traffic conditions and plan to arrive with plenty of time to enjoy your kimono experience.
Please do not consume food or drink in our studio, thank you.

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